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A collaborative project
by Sean Loughrey and Raafat Ishak

27 March 2023 - 28 April 2023

Box hill is a collaborative project by Sean Loughrey and Raafat Ishak where Abstraction is held accountable to representational devices, namely photographic representation in a dialogue with a black box.


Both artists have worked collaboratively since 1997 on a project titled Fan Flag. Fan Flag was instigated by a shared interest in the radicalism of non-objective art making. Whilst the work of El Lissitzky was key to the project from the outset, flags as motif, held sway in the space of negotiation between abstraction and representation.


The core objective of this subsidiary collaboration attempts to amplify the unwillingness of abstract values to encompass representational aspirations. It is proposed as a site for great relief. A site for the expression of political will, indifference, and the privacy of self-determination. Collaboration is at once, an agreement between the artists, but further, it is intended as an exaggeration of the capabilities of abstraction to instigate a relational discourse.

This project is supported by the City of Greater Geelong through its 'Creative Communities Grant Program'
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