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thumbnail_Planets Collide_Mollie Vaughan
Mollie Vaughan
Planets Collide (detail) 2021
microbial decomposition on light-sensitive photographic paper

Third Space Gallery + Digital presents,


Mollie vaughan

July 9 - August 11

“In my practice I explore photography as a medium that represents the thin veneer between art and science; the real and the unreal, truth and illusion, order and chaos. I often see myself as one who walks this boundary between the two worlds, especially in my technical hybridization of both digital and analogue photography. 

The intangible expression of chaos in nature is defined by the presence of hidden algorithms or patterns found in its organic structures. These photographs herald my first experimentations into chaos as the complex force which underpins the natural world and is defined by its abstract qualities that lie beyond human perception. Reflected in these images, is a distortion of scale which resembles the entropic qualities found in the microbe through to the nebula; chaos as expressed by the transcendental essence which connects all living organisms to the processes of growth and decay. By visually distorting these images from the natural world, I hint at the opposition and tension that arise from humanity’s desire to find recognizable form in an otherwise incomprehensible entity.”

Mollie Vaughan 2021

thumbnail_The Children of Fallen Stars_M
Mollie Vaughan
The Children of Fallen Stars 2021
microbial decomposition on light-sensitive photographic paper
59.4 x 84.1cm.

Mollie Vaughan is a photographic artist based in Bells Beach, Australia. Her works confront humanity’s often conflicting relationship with the natural world through her experimental hybridisation of both analogue and digital photography. She creates abstract perceptions of the natural world which challenge humanity’s pre-conceived ideals of nature. Her photographs consider photography as a process that lies in the ever-expanding boundary between art and science, the real and the unreal. It is within this boundary that she finds herself in the liminal space between worlds.

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This project is supported by the City of Greater Geelong through its 'Creative Communities Grant Program'
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