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Fragments of geelong
by matt bonner

26 May 2023 - 26 July 2023

This multimedia art installation created by local artist Matt Bonner across three shop windows is an innovative and exciting exploration of nature, place, and iconography of empty spaces. This installation incorporates a series of projected images and patterns that create a mesmerizing and captivating display of light and colour. It is an invitation to stop, look, explore and rediscover spaces that have become abandoned over time.  


On display until the end of June, this digital art installation is a unique and innovative way to explore the themes of nature, city, and empty spaces, inviting viewers to engage with the artwork in new and exciting ways.

Matt is a multimedia projection artist based in the Geelong region. He combines his passion and skills in film-making, photography, animation and music to create a visual delight of projection art in public spaces. 


Bonart Multimedia @projectionartist

Audio composed by: Matt Bonner 

Black & White images Credit: State Library of Victoria 


Fragments of Geelong Project is supported by the State Government, City of Greater Geelong & Curated by Creative Geelong. 

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