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An exhibition by Vicki Clissold

March - April 2024

‘THE WORD ON THE STREET’ is this exhibition has been specifically curated for the exhibition space – Creative Geelong’s Third Space Gallery + Digital.  An empty, abandoned, crumbling façade with an interior to match is indicative of what Vicki Clissold’s work represents. That we can find beauty in the decay. Past and present.

“Some visitors may find familiarity with the paintings on display, having adorned galleries and exhibitions previously, but also, as they resemble our surroundings. One may need to look twice or three times with a new, sight specific work of the exterior, interior, reflections on repeat. “You won’t disturb Dot as she peeks through the window, what she looks for can be discovered in my book ‘Dot’s Daily News’. But there are new discoveries in the text of the newspapers and for those who haven’t met Maude (the Ghost). She may reveal herself in the reflection (or is it the interior?) of the lower left window of the orange door.

“Some familiar figures from my mural on ‘Belcher’s Corner’ have been rescaled, cut and pasted for the new extensions to the well-loved diorama that habitually sits in my studio window. Made with found objects, bits, and pieces it gives an indication to how I navigate my own life and wellbeing. I was privileged to have a Mum who was capable to do and make most anything. Being a witness to the ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ thing has enabled me never to go without, instead going ‘gung-ho’ to make my surrounds comfortable for my loved ones and myself. I hope you can see the fulfilment that my creations as an artist and a maker have provided.”

If these dwellings could talk there would be stories of grandeur, struggle, regret and more. These works have many hidden treasures associated with the history of the abundant beautiful architectural designed empty shops that sit on our streets and in our arcades. The Third Space Gallery + Digital is no exception.

- Vicki Clissold

About Vicki ClissolD

Vicki is a full-time visual artist living on the Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria, Australia. She recently moved her art practice to Creative Geelong’s Hub in Centrepoint Arcade in the Geelong CBD. It is a busy environment far removed from her previous space she worked from for over nine years. Here Vicki is a part of a hub brimming with creative talented individuals and supported by the wonderful team at Creative Geelong. Vicki’s studio space has transformed what was once a retail shop into an open studio/ gallery where she can showcase her work, exhibit, provide workshops and tutor while continuing to paint toward exhibitions and competitions. This open studio allows opportunity for the public to interact and purchase Vicki’s art while she works.

Indicative to the surroundings, much of Vicki’s artwork relates to the abandonment of retail spaces and the associated effects. 

Layers of peeling paint, muted tones, reflections in windows faded signs, perhaps elderly citizens in our streets having to navigate their changing environment - all play a role in the narrative. She uses a range of visual art such as paintings, prints, sculpture, and dioramas through to large scale works on flat surfaces including murals and public art. She is partial to using oil paint for works on canvas, however, wholeheartedly believes in using found objects for three-dimensional works.

Vicki takes commissions for pet portraits with a comical approach to portraying the humanistic aspect of their nature. 

She uses her creative abilities to meet specific requirements to a particular space. The largest of her paintings are figurative in nature and site-specific murals in the Geelong region. One is situated on the prominent Moorabool and Ryrie intersection now known as Belcher’s Corner. Other public sites are the main street of St Leonards, Belmont, North Geelong. Vicki’s work is maintained personally as needed. 

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